Presentation1st National Crafts Congress in Granada with the slogan ‘collaborate, assemble, build’.
I National Crafts Congress (Granada, Spain)

1st National Crafts Congress in Granada with the slogan ‘collaborate, assemble, build’.

The I National Congress of Crafts will be held on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 May under the slogan ‘collaborate, assemble, build’, organized by the Chair of Innovation in Crafts, Design and Contemporary Art (UGR), the National Reference Center for Crafts, the School of Industrial Organization – FUNDESARTE and the Organization of Artisans of Spain Oficio y Arte.

These institutions come together for the first time to jointly show craft professionals new ways to open up to new markets or to expand their productive scope in order to be more competitive. In collaboration with the Maker Art project (ERDF) and the RRREMAKER project (EU) and the Provincial Tourism Board of the Diputación de Granada.

Throughout the event, different collaborative experiences developed by craft professionals with companies from other productive sectors such as fashion, film, or wine, among others, will be shown as examples of good practices that are currently being developed in our country and that are a model to follow for other professionals seeking new market niches, or join a new way of understanding the economy in a society that is increasingly demanding and aware of sustainability and its environment, where the throwaway culture disappears and we are encouraged to add to grow, where cooperation and km0 are encouraged.

Undoubtedly, a first class event aimed at both craft professionals and public and educational managers, as well as researchers and students of artistic education, who wish to learn or deepen their knowledge on the different subjects covered.

The congress will be held at the Palacio de Niñas Nobles del Patronato Provincial de Turismo de la Diputación de Granada, located in C/ Cárcel Baja, 3. in Granada. To attend the event in person, please fill in the registration form.

The congress has an online version through a digital platform.


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