The 24th Development Forum is a local networking opportunity in the Region of Western Greece organized by the weekly Symboulos. The Industrial Systems Institute organized the session “4th Industrial Revolution and Circular Economy” on December 13, 2021 in the context of the Forum. The session presented the overall technological background for the 4th Industrial Revolution […]

We interviewed Artist Yiannis Vogdanis (Athens, Greece), an artist specialized in digital fabrication using ceramics, and visited his workshop. He highlights the performance of ceramics and new aesthetic and formal opportunities associated with 3D printing in the context of an ancient technique for which 3D printing can offer enormous possibilities for renewal. BinaryCeramics was created […

Mazuecos Sánchez, B. (2021), “The enterprising artist and the new craftsmanship: three models of unique business projects created by graduates of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UGR.” in “Rethinking crafts. Strategies to promote contemporary crafts”, Editorial Comares. ISBN: 978-84-1369-109-1 .D.L.: Gr. 1600/2021 Activity description: This study analyzes three models of un

BOOK “REPENSAR LA ARTESANÍA. Estrategias para impulsar la artesanía contemporánea” (RETHINKING CRAFTS. Strategies to promote contemporary crafts) Crafts are at once culture, heritage, economy, entrepreneurship, sustainable development and, above all, creativity, and craft. In a digitalized world where the market is global, traditional crafts need to open to territories that revitalize and e

In other secondment in Athens we have approached the Artisan context in European Orange makers through an investigation in entities that respond to two different typologies: A) Digital fabrication labs connected to the university environment or international networks. FabLab Athens Athens Makerspace We contacted, they wish to contribute and esta

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