Fieldwork3D scanning and edition using Python
3D scanning and edition using Python

3D scanning and edition using Python

Setup configuration
This video presents the setup we are designing to model 3D points using 3D manipulation software. We have used the Intel Realsense-D435 sensor as it has high 3D mapping capability and low cost, and can be used on multiple operating systems. We have started to implement a low-cost scanner replicating the work implemented by Sander Boelen (, mainly for its ease of design and ability to map with high quality different types of objects.

Manipulating 3D point cloud
This video shows briefly how 3D mapping surfaces are reconstructed. This phase is extremely relevant because after this process we will use the Grasshoper software which allows us to modify the 3D point cloud using the Rhino software.

Software 3D scanning with Python
This video shows how it is possible to read in real-time the 3D point map and subsequently remove parts of the mapping by using Python. This process will be improved once a 3D mapping platform is implemented since it will not be necessary to extract the external areas of the analyzed object.

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