“Sustainable Crafts: Describing Conceptual Evolution through a Bibliometric Analysis and Systematic Literature Review” has been approved for production and accepted for publication in Frontiers in Environmental Science, section Environmental Economics and Management. Authors: Prados-Peña, Mª Belén Gálvez-Sánchez, Francisco Jesús Garcia-López, Ana Molina-Moreno, Valentín Indicat

Mazuecos Sánchez, B. (2021), “The enterprising artist and the new craftsmanship: three models of unique business projects created by graduates of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UGR.” in “Rethinking crafts. Strategies to promote contemporary crafts”, Editorial Comares. ISBN: 978-84-1369-109-1 .D.L.: Gr. 1600/2021 Activity description: This study analyzes three models of un

BOOK “REPENSAR LA ARTESANÍA. Estrategias para impulsar la artesanía contemporánea” (RETHINKING CRAFTS. Strategies to promote contemporary crafts) Crafts are at once culture, heritage, economy, entrepreneurship, sustainable development and, above all, creativity, and craft. In a digitalized world where the market is global, traditional crafts need to open to territories that revitalize and e

Mazuecos Sánchez, Belén (2021), “Crossovers between contemporary art and craftsmanship: the use of tin embossing and the manufacture of votive offerings in the field of expanded painting”, Cuadernos del Centro de Estudios en Diseño y Comunicación Nº 141, Facultad de Diseño y Comunicación, Universidad de Palermo, Buenos Aires, (Argentina). ISSN Impresión 1668-0227 / ISSN Online: [&helli

Publicación “Cuadernos del Centro de Estudios en Diseño y Comunicación” – Universidad de Palermo. (Publication “Notebooks of the Center for Design and Communication Studies” Universidad de Palermo, Argentina). -Edition 2021 topic: “DISEÑO, ARTESANIA Y COMUNIDADES” (“DESIGN, CRAFTSMANSHIP AND COMMUNITIES”) Year 24 / No 141 2021 / 2022 || ISSN 1668-0227 Editors: Dr. Ana

In 2021 Dr. Ana García López was invited to participate in the book Economía circular: fundamentos y aplicaciones (Circular economy: fundamentals and applications) with the chapter “Nuevos paradigmas para la artesanía contemporánea en el contexto de la investigación en economía circular” (“New paradigms for contemporary crafts in the context of circular economy research”) co

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