FieldworkMeet FabFactory a ‘digital fabrication’ start-up in Rome
Meet FabFactory a 'digital fabrication' start-up in Rome

Meet FabFactory a ‘digital fabrication’ start-up in Rome

FabFactory is the `start-up’ of design and digital manufacturing, an innovative company that was born with the aim of spreading and developing the culture and services of digital manufacturing to its customers for the creation of prototypes, handmade and industrial products, pilot series and highly customized small productions.

In recent years “factory 4.0” has been incorporated in a disruptive way, changing processing methods and techniques in line with technological innovation. 3D printing, laser cutting and other numerical control equipment are the contemporary means for the rapid realization of products, reducing costs and production times, shortening the design and prototyping cycle. The company is committed to innovation in processes and products, enhancing the value of traditional manufacturing techniques, linking tradition and innovation. Its motto is: “we teach what we do”.

Silvio Tassinari, together with other professionals in the sector, is a founding pioneer of FabLabs Rome.



FDM 3D Printing – SLA – SLS

Laser Cut Co2

CNC Milling

3D Scanning

Materials: functional prototypes, small production, jewellery, dental, casts, replicas, product design, gadgets, spare parts, etc.


For makers, teachers, students, students, students, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, vocational training and lifelong learning.

3D Printing, Laser Cut, Digital manufacturing, Internet of Things IoT, Robotics and intelligence.

 Artificial intelligence is a technology that everyone can afford, which is why we offer a range of training experiences using a ‘learning-by-doing’ methodology, i.e. learning by experiencing. These courses or workshops enable you to use technologies or machines that you can easily find in our Fab Lab or in those around the world.

Published articles: Alessandra Fasoli & Silvio Tassinari (2017) Engaged by Design: The Role of Emerging Collaborative Infrastructures for Social Development. Roma Makers as A Case Study, The Design Journal, 20:sup1, S3121-S3133, DOI: 10.1080/14606925.2017.1352819 To link to this article:

UGR Researchers:

  • García López, Ana
  • Caballero Rodríguez, Francisco
  • Soto Solier, Pilar Manuela

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