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Sustainable Crafts/ Circular Economy: Identification of the Main Research Advances Through Bibliometric Analysis. 9th International Multidisciplinary Conference on Economics, Business, Technology and Social Sciences. 14/05/2022 – 15/05/2022. Istanbul (Turkey). Authors: Prados-Peña, Mª Belén Gálvez-Sanchez, Francisco Jesús García-López, Ana Molina-Moreno, Valentín Handicrafts as a Fac

This training course is part of the Environmental Education Program on Waste and Recycling aimed at the Andalusian university community, RECAPACICLA, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, in collaboration with the FAMP, Ecoembes and Ecovidrio and the universities of Andalusia. The aim of this program is to get the involvement […]

Conferences on market research and circular economy in the Unimore Università degli studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia. Market research: contributions to the analysis of consumer behaviour in the sustainable handcrafted-product context.Author: Prados-Peña, Mª Belén Circular Economy: as a paradigm of economic change.Author: Molina-Moreno, Valentín Both lectures were given in March 2022, organized

The 24th Development Forum is a local networking opportunity in the Region of Western Greece organized by the weekly Symboulos. The Industrial Systems Institute organized the session “4th Industrial Revolution and Circular Economy” on December 13, 2021 in the context of the Forum. The session presented the overall technological background for the 4th Industrial Revolution […]

Mazuecos Sánchez, B. (2021), “The enterprising artist and the new craftsmanship: three models of unique business projects created by graduates of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UGR.” in “Rethinking crafts. Strategies to promote contemporary crafts”, Editorial Comares. ISBN: 978-84-1369-109-1 .D.L.: Gr. 1600/2021 Activity description: This study analyzes three models of un

The University of Granada together with the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and the RRREMAKER project are organizing the I International Workshop on Sustainable Crafts Management on October 22nd, 2021. The objectives of this meeting are based on analyzing and deepening the knowledge of the craft sector in Europe. To learn about the perspective […]

Visit to the Technological Institute of Linares (University of Jaén) sponsored by the company CEI, part of the RRREMAKER consortium. October 7th, 2021 Agenda: 10:00 short visit to Linares Politechnic campus and Labs coffee break 11:15 Visit to SICNOVA, company for 3D printing located close to the University. 12:15 Meeting with prof. Pedro Nuñez […]

In 2021 Dr. Ana García López was invited to participate in the book Economía circular: fundamentos y aplicaciones (Circular economy: fundamentals and applications) with the chapter “Nuevos paradigmas para la artesanía contemporánea en el contexto de la investigación en economía circular” (“New paradigms for contemporary crafts in the context of circular economy research”) co

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