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Conferences on market research and circular economy in the Unimore Università degli studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia. Market research: contributions to the analysis of consumer behaviour in the sustainable handcrafted-product context.Author: Prados-Peña, Mª Belén Circular Economy: as a paradigm of economic change.Author: Molina-Moreno, Valentín Both lectures were given in March 2022, organized

FabLab Architettura Sapienza, offers all services remotely request processing and consultation of cutting and 3D modelling files are active. Technologies: 3D Printing – FDM and SLA Thermoforming Moulding and ceramics CNC milling Materials: Cardboard (maximum thickness 4 mm) Forex (max. thickness 4 mm) Cardboard (maximum thickness 4 mm); with this material, especially in the case […]

Studio 5T is a fablab, a startup and a company that deals with technological dissemination, through an active and motivating approach, working on innovation issues with high-profile professionals. It is a Tech community specialised in communicating or telling stories of people related to new technologies. It is a Fablab or prototyping laboratory, which designs, installs […]

FabFactory is the `start-up’ of design and digital manufacturing, an innovative company that was born with the aim of spreading and developing the culture and services of digital manufacturing to its customers for the creation of prototypes, handmade and industrial products, pilot series and highly customized small productions. In recent years “factory 4.0” has been […]

Confederazione Nazionale dell’Artigianato – CNA, the National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises of Rome, is the association representing Crafts, Trade and SMEs. Founded in 1946, for more than seventy years it has represented and protected the interests of craft enterprises and SMEs. CNA’s commitment has always been oriented towards adding value to […]

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