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“Sustainable Crafts: Describing Conceptual Evolution through a Bibliometric Analysis and Systematic Literature Review” has been approved for production and accepted for publication in Frontiers in Environmental Science, section Environmental Economics and Management. Authors: Prados-Peña, Mª Belén Gálvez-Sánchez, Francisco Jesús Garcia-López, Ana Molina-Moreno, Valentín Indicat

Mazuecos Sánchez, B. (2021), “The enterprising artist and the new craftsmanship: three models of unique business projects created by graduates of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UGR.” in “Rethinking crafts. Strategies to promote contemporary crafts”, Editorial Comares. ISBN: 978-84-1369-109-1 .D.L.: Gr. 1600/2021 Activity description: This study analyzes three models of un

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